Monday, November 14, 2005


in this assignment, I'm Lana

This morning a man came to the Talon Cafe with Clark. It seems that he was a journalist. He asked me for an interview about the meteorite shower, and I sent him away. But he threatened me to post a TV crew in front of my house if I refused. So I went to see Lex and explained to him what happened. I asked Lex to help me, so he told me he would do what was necessary to keep this man away. But he came back. He came to the Talon to disturb me, and he trapped me. He asked me to accompagny him to the bus to leave Smallville, but on the road he said that he wasn't well. so I stopped the car. At this time he threw himself out off the car and threatened to commit suicide if i didn't call Clark

I was angry with Clark because he was with the journalist who bothered me. I really didn't want to do this interview because I spent 14 years trying to forget the day of the meteorite shower, the day of my parents' death. It was very painful for me and I really don't want to remember it.
But when he came and asked me to drive him to the bus stop, I was really relieved. I would have never thought that it was a trap. I was really scared when Clark came and fell over the cliff to save this man. By chance this story ends well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


In this assingnment, I’m Clark Kent.

A meteorite hit the sun and causes the biggest solar eruption ever, causing severals perturbations. These perturbations are really watched over by the scientists and very covered by the media. In fact I’m very interested by this phenomenon. But it seems that the eruptions influenced my power. It’s as if my superpowers came from the sun itself. So I sometimes can’t control my power and it’s not very convenient.
Also, a journalist arrived at Smallville. I was running on the road faster than a gun bullet as he was driving his car. He saw me on the road and had an accident. So I went to help him, blew off the car door and took him out of the car. He was drunk but noticed that I was a special guy. So he tries to prove my super powers.

I’m not very proud of myself. Because of these troubles with my powers, I caught the journalist attention who now tries to black mail me, my family and my friends. I feel bad, the simplest thing I do could take huge proportions. It could also be dangerous for peoples around me. I put curtains on fire in the kitchen without wanting it. The journalist posted a TV crew in front of my house to spy me. I feel like a prisoner. So I decided to leave home and let the things calm down to keep my family and my friends safe.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


1) What happened to Clark in this episode?

When Clark was working in a field at the Kent farm, he took his pick up and when he came to run the engine, the pick up blew off. First, the kents thought that it was an accident, but it wasn't. In fact, the pick up was traficked by an unknown man.

2) Who was this man and why did he do that?

This man was a journalist. He wanted to find out some pieces of evidence about Clark's power to make money with it.

3) What were the two other major events in this episode?

The two major events were the close of smallville factory by Lex's father and the departure of Lana's boyfriend to the US Marines.

4) Why did Lex's father want to close his factory?

He wanted to close the factory to push Lex to come back to Metropolis. But Lex didn't see things like that and fought against his father's authority. So he tried to keep the factory selfrunning by the factory staff.

5) What important thing occurred before Lana's boyfriend's departure?

Lana's boyfriend asked to Clark to watch over Lana because he was in love with her.
It was impossible for Clark to refuse, but it was not a good thing for him because he love Lana, and this promise would make him unable to get closer with Lana. Also, I think it was calculated by Lana's boyfriend, he knew exactly what he was doing...

Monday, September 19, 2005

intro to smallville

The first epiode took place at Smallville in 1989. the main characters like Lex and Lana were very young. At the beginning, peoples of Smallville were celebrating the victory of the Smallville football team, but at the same time, several météorites were arriving in direction of the earth. But in the midle of these meteorites, there was a spaceship with Clark inside. The impact of meteorites cause a lot of injuries. The parents of the young Lana died and Lex, who was in a field at this time lost all his hair which was burned by the temperature.
When the meteorites hit the hearth, the Kents were on the road; Clark's spaceship crashed behind their car and they left the road. That's how Clark arrived in the Kent familly.

Nowadays, Clark is a student. This day after school, he decided to go for a walk and stood on a bridge, but at this moment Lex was driving his Porsche very fast on this road. But Lex didn't see an object on the road and crashed down the bridge hurting Clark. Of course Clark is indestructible and was safe, so he saved Lex from the water, but Lex didn't understand how it was possible. Clark should have died.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The series

The program I’m going to introduce is called Smallville. In fact, Smallville is the story of superman from the time he was a baby until the superman that we know. At the beginig, Mr and Ms Kent, a farmer and his wife can’t have children. Then arrives a baby, Superman, in a spaceship from a planet called Krypton. The Kents find the baby and take him into their family. After that, they adopt him and gave him the name of Clark Kent. As you can imagine,
Clark is not a normal boy and his power allows him to do some special things. Close to
Clark there is a lot of characters that we already know in the old story, like Lex Luthor who is his biggest enemy in the far future. But in Smallville Lex is one of his best friends. Finally, all the characters are connected with the future of Clark Kent.